Staff at Town and Country Health Care Center

Dedicated Employees

The staff at Town and Country Health Care Center is dedicated to the people who live here.

Our recreation director develops varied activities and programs to meet the individual needs and abilities of every resident. Whether it is crafts, educational projects, shopping trips, or just a friendly ear, at Town and Country there is something for everyone. In addition to our staff, community residents graciously give their time and energy to our volunteer program. This brings people from the area into Town and Country to give our residents yet another connection to the community.

The nursing and dietary staff are available at all meals to assist our residents in any way necessary to ensure that mealtime is safe and satisfying part of the day. Supervision is an essential ingredient in the quality of care we provide in our home.

Town and Country offers a variety of in-house ancillary services to our residents to ensure that all their medical and personal needs are met.

Dr. Louis Bresnick – Medical Director

Peter Lorigan – Administrator –

Peggy Cashman – Director of Nursing Services –

Suzanne Fillebrown – Admissions Director –

Beth Emerson – Day Nursing Supervisor

Joyce Noel – Evening Nursing Supervisor 

Deborah Hoffman – MDS Nurse

Victoria Kinsman – MMQ Nurse

Heather Mahoney – Staff Development Coordinator/Infection Control Nurse

Ron Perrin – Environmental Services Director

Benicio Miranda – Food Services Director

Allyson Witt – Social Services Director –

Angela Ouillette – Activities Director

Stephanie Wilson – Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable